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ARKNET: Singularity 2.0

Hey there! First and foremost, we are truly sorry for being so silent in the past months and we wanted to thank each and every one of you guys who decided to stick with the game and await patiently any upcoming changes. For you guys we have the following to say: The wait has ended, […]

Update ‘Sentinel Station’

Hi folks!First things first: We’re super excited to see that hundreds of players already dove into the depths of ARKNET: Singularity’s cyberspace. Whats more, reviews show the vast majority of players enjoyed their first venture into the game. So, if you haven’t yet done so, please consider rating the game on Google Play. This is […]

Leaving Early Access

Hello! The past weeks where quite something, we’ve worked hard to meet our deadline and in the end, we had to push this update multiple times, but now it’s finally ready … oh and something else: We feel so confident with this update and how the overall development is progressing, that we thought it would […]

Update ‘Sentry Site’

Hey there!We’ve been diligently tinkering away in the past weeks and achieved a lot that has been laying around for quite some time now! Our focus was to come up with a pipeline to provide you guys with content updates and bug fixes every other week. We are confident that we’ve accomplished what we strived […]