Hey there!

First and foremost, we are truly sorry for being so silent in the past months and we wanted to thank each and every one of you guys who decided to stick with the game and await patiently any upcoming changes. For you guys we have the following to say: The wait has ended, the biggest update since release is finally here. In fact, this update is so imense and changes so many aspects of the game that we could easily label it as ARKSIN 2.0. But enough of that yada yada, let’s get to the juicy stuff!

ARKNET: Singularity 2.0

Change of philosophy

When we started working on ARKNET: Singularity, our biggest concern was to provide you, our players, with a gaming experience that is first and foremost “fun”. Through your feedback, we quickly realized that there is also a great interest in the story of the game and its world. With these two core statements “fun gameplay and a gripping story” in mind, we looked at the game and decided quickly that we needed to make significant changes to do justice to both. In short, we focused on the adventure aspect of the game and expanded it quite a bit. But see for yourself.

A rework of everything

We changed everything, but especially the levels. Almost every level in the game has been replaced by an improved version of it.


We present Chapters. We said goodbye to the old system of slapping one level after another and decided to split the game into meaningful chapters each consisting of a fixed set of levels which will, step by step, reveal the plot of the game while providing a fun and challenging experience. For starters, there will be 2 chapters available, with more to follow.

Ads and micro-transactions are dead

No more ads and micro-transactions, what else is there to say? Since we focused on the story aspects of the game, we found the ads to be distracting and inappropriate. Instead, you will be able to experience the game for free through a freemium model and purchase more content at a later point in the game.


In addition to SECMOD’s, we have introduced Bits and Bytes. Bits and Bytes can be collected in levels to buy powerful SECMOD’s from the merchant. SECMODs are now unlocked as you progress through the game and can also be found in levels.

Level Selection

The level selection has changed drastically. The old level selection was too boring for us, so we decided that it has to give way to a better and more immersive map. The world map is now a representation of the actual game world and gives you a better overview of your progression.


  • Introduced Chapter based system
  • Removed ads
  • Introduced a vendor for SECMOD’s
  • Bits and Bytes. In-game currency collectible in levels
  • Changed the story of the game and added more focus to it.
  • Reworked and replaced almost every level of the game.
  • Way to many small changes to list them here …

That’s it, but by all means, this blog post doesn’t do justice to the number of changes the game has gone through. So there is only one thing left to say: Have fun in ARKNET, we look forward to hearing from you!