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We’ve been diligently tinkering away in the past weeks and achieved a lot that has been laying around for quite some time now! Our focus was to come up with a pipeline to provide you guys with content updates and bug fixes every other week. We are confident that we’ve accomplished what we strived for and are now ready to get at it!


This weeks update brings the second Region to an end. We’ve added 6 new level to the Sentry Site which will challenge everything that you’ve learned so far in Region 1 – Central Corridor. The User Interface was also a big change on our list and resembles now what we wanted to achieve with the overall look and feel of it.

In the last update we reworked how the whole Health System works. Basically we changed it from a life bar to a health point system so now instead of losing a percentage of your health every time you sustain some kind of damage you’ll lose a certain amount of health points ranging from 1 – 3. This will make it way easier for you to understand how much risk you can take in a particular situation. This rework got some tweaks and fixes.


With every update announcement we will try to provide you guys with some lore snippets to help you understand and immerse yourself into this universe we are building. For this, we will start from the beginning with a brief introduction to the state of the world in ARKNET: Singularity.

Humanity in need

The human civilization is running clueless in a digital chaos. Fake news, social networks, misleading advertising and powerful companies threaten personal privacy, scanning and categorizing each and every citizen. Initial signs of awareness about digital culture turn into full-scale dependency, as world leaders combat the impacts of technological hyper-evolution with even more technology. Caught in a vicious cycle, humanity seems irreversibly headed towards technological singularity.

Change Log

  • New Health System
  • 6 New levels in Region 2 – “Sentry Site”
  • Reworked camera movement
  • Tweaks & balancing in Region 1 – “Central Corridor”

That is it for this week. Stay tuned and have fun!

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