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08. Oktober 2020


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ARKNET: Singularity is a stealth action adventure where the player’s mission is to free humanity from the clutches of an evil A.I. Using stealth, special abilities and wits, he can evade enemies, strike quickly and overcome challenging puzzle sequences. At first, the player controls only a simple drone of the system, but through the influence of an intruder he quickly gains undreamt-of powers. The use of his newly gained power enables the player to advance deep into the corrupted ARKNET and reveal the true threat to humanity!


  • Unique and innovative genre mash-up of stealth-action-adventure
  • Fascinating storyline and an exciting background story
  • 20 levels after release, over 80 more levels planned
  • Outstanding 3D graphics for an immersive gaming experience
  • Special skills that allow the player to overcome different challenges

Setting & Lore


ARKNET: Singularity offers a compelling storyline that focuses on technological singularity and its lurking threats. In a futuristic science fiction setting, the player is immersed in a theme that has become a cultural phenomenon in our world today.


The human civilization is running clueless in a digital chaos. Fake news, social networks, misleading advertising and powerful companies threaten personal privacy, scanning and categorizing each and every citizen. Initial signs of awareness about digital culture turn into full-scale dependency, as world leaders combat the impacts of technological hyper-evolution with even more technology. Caught in a vicious cycle, humanity seems irreversibly headed towards technological singularity.

ARKNET was supposed to be the solution – a vast global network, dressed as a walled garden that promised to become the safe haven for humanity. A new type of Internet, strictly supervised to protect users against digital abuse, a storage for all human knowledge and cultural goods, and the central hub for all human interaction. To ensure stability and enforce security, multiple autonomous intelligent SECUNITS were deployed, serving as the guardians of ARKNET.

As one of these SECUNITs and a servant of the system, the player is sent out to investigate a subliminal signal, coming from a captive entity at the quarantine zone.


Reija GmbH is a young indie developer team with locations in Karlsruhe and Berlin. Launched in 2019, Reija’s goal is to develop a successful games franchise from an initial student project into a premium gaming experience for mobile. Challenging game mechanics, appealing 3D graphics and an action-packed setting are the focus of the development. Three of the most renowned funding and cultural organizations in Germany are convinced of the vision and competence of the team and thus not only support the first project of Reija GmbH ARKNET: Singularity, but also the yet unannounced prequel of the franchise.

CEO Jan Reichert, a long-time entrepreneur in the games industry, supports the young development team in the background and prepares them to successfully master the challenges of the constantly growing mobile market.



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