Hi folks!
First things first: We’re super excited to see that hundreds of players already dove into the depths of ARKNET: Singularity’s cyberspace. Whats more, reviews show the vast majority of players enjoyed their first venture into the game. So, if you haven’t yet done so, please consider rating the game on Google Play. This is vital for any small indie developer and it enables us to serve you with more great content.

That being said, let’s dig into the juicy stuff: New content!


This weeks update unlocks the third region of the game. You get to play 5 new challenging levels that all revolve around patrolling enemies. So prepare for some tense hide ‘n’ seek segments, where precise movement pattern observation and good timing are both key to success.

To support you on your upcoming adventure, we’ve also reworked CryptoCrate drop rates. Each tier of crate now has e pre-defined minimum and maximum number of guaranteed item drops. In practice, this means that the amount goods you receive now better matches your level star rating.

Last but not least, we’ve also tweaked and rebalanced some aspects of the region 2 boss. If you haven’t yet beaten this giant sentry, now is the time to properly trash it!


With every update announcement we will try to provide you guys with some lore snippets to help you understand and immerse yourself into this universe we are building. Today, we’re looking into the orgins and purposes of the game world ARKNET.

What is ARKNET?

ARKNET is located on a massive server owned by its developer, the software industry giant ARK Technologies. This server stores a whole host of ARK products, the most important of which is the aforementioned ARKNET, a new type of network seeking to provide a virtual safe haven for all human interaction. As such, it is designed to be a strictly supervised, walled garden, built to fulfill three purposes:

  • To Host an abuse-free web of interconnected, peaceful communities.
  • To provide a central storage for digitalized human knowledge and cultural heritage.
  • The become the centralized hub for all human interaction: personally, professionally, financially.

Change Log

  • 5 new levels in Region 3 – “Sentinel Station”
  • Increased CryptoCrate drop rates
  • Balancing & tweaks to the Region 2 boss encounter

That’s all for this week. Have a great day!

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