The past weeks where quite something, we’ve worked hard to meet our deadline and in the end, we had to push this update multiple times, but now it’s finally ready … oh and something else: We feel so confident with this update and how the overall development is progressing, that we thought it would be time to call it a ‘Launch’, therefore ARKNET: Singularity is no longer considered to be in Early Access! Whoooop!

What does this mean?

Being out of Early Access means that the game is in a state with which we feel comfortable enough to give even more people access and let them enjoy our game. But this doesn’t mean that our game is finished yet or that we’ll stop to update it, quite on the contrary.

Future updates

As we already mentioned in a previous blog post, we still want to provide you guys with one update every other week. The only change here is that we will add new content in each update. We expect to add over 80 new levels to the game until Q2 2021.


In this update a lot has happened. Countless bugs have been removed, and also the final level which brings the region to a conclusion has been added. This final level comes with the addition of a new boss encounter, but we don’t want to spoiler anything, so see for yourself!

UI Rework

Another big point was the UI which was in a constant state of change and had become unreadable and caused some confusion. The UI was completely reworked and in the course of this also the map on which the levels are displayed.

Soooo before this post gets any longer than, we would like to thank you for the continuous support and feedback and wish you a lot of fun in ARKNET!

Change Log

  • 60+ bugs removed
  • User interface was revised
  • Map Selection was revised
  • Boss Level was added to Region 2 ‘Sentry Site’
  • The ground textures of each level have been adjusted
  • Music and SFX have been revised. Over 20 new SFX and 3 music tracks
  • New offers in the store for SECMOD’s, Credit Stashes and Lives