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A stealth-action-adventure that sends you on a quest to free mankind from the clutches of an evil A.I. Use cunning stealth tactics and outsmart your enemies with powerful special abilities. Sneak up, strike swiftly and vanish into thin air to succeed on your journey from captivity to freedom.

Are you the hero humanity is longing for?

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A Conspiracy In Cyberspace

Humanity is running clueless. As fake news, industrial espionage and cyberwars ravage societies across the globe, ever more technology is deployed to combat the devastating effects of hyper-evolution. Lost in a vicious loop of dependance, mankind is running out of options.

ARKNET was supposed to be the solution. A new type of internet, a strictly supervised walled garden. Able to monitor each and every personal interaction. An all-seeing, centralized system, collecting and organizing the wealth of human knowledge. Advertised as our 21st century safe haven, ARKNET was destined to hook us up once and for all.

But then, in an unprecedented move, an underworld shadow client injected a malicious A.I. into ARKNET. Threatening to take over the whole network, humanity now depends on you, a virtual system SECUNIT, to fight the A.I. and reclaim control of ARKNET.

Tactical Stealth Action

New Challenges

ARKNET: Singularity is a fresh blend of stealth and action adventure game mechanics, designed specifically with mobile phones in mind.

As a virtual SECUNIT, you face challenging hide 'n' seek sequences, interact with the system by solving clever puzzles and customize your character to take down larger-than-life bosses. As humanity's last beacon of hope, you must rise to the occasion, free ARKNET from captivity and defeat the evil A.I. once and for all.

Feature Highlights

  • Sci-Fi stealth action adventure.
  • 200 levels, packed with tense gameplay.
  • Breathtaking stylized 3D graphics.
  • Use the unique dash ability to attack, jump and evade.
  • Six booster SECMODs for varied styles of play.
  • A tense futuristic narrative in cyberspace.
  • Dramatic cutscenes with blockbuster audio.
  • Challenging boss battles against epic foes.
  • Time trial mode for speedrunners (coming soon).
  • English and German language support (more coming soon).
A boss enemy in quarantine frame
The player dashes to evade an enemy
The player explores a corrupted area
The player explores a corrupted area
Enemies guard auto sliders
The player discovers a power hub
An enemy blocks the path
The player activates auto sliders
The player evades boss minions
Player travelling through enemy territory
The player dashes onto a hatch
An enemy patrol group defends a gate

The Singularity Feed

ARKNET: Singularity is available for download now on Google Play (iOS coming soon).

However, we're continuously expanding the game, so stay tuned for new content, game updates and insights on our social media pages.

ARKNET: Singularity 2.0

ARKNET: Singularity 2.0

ArknetAdminJanuary 28, 20210 Comments
Hey there! First and foremost, we are truly sorry for being so silent in the past months and we wanted to thank each and every one of you guys who
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Update ‘Sentinel Station’

Update ‘Sentinel Station’

ArknetAdminOctober 22, 20200 Comments
Hi folks!First things first: We’re super excited to see that hundreds of players already dove into the depths of ARKNET: Singularity’s cyberspace. Whats more, reviews show the vast majority of
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Leaving Early Access

Leaving Early Access

ArknetAdminOctober 8, 20200 Comments
Hello! The past weeks where quite something, we’ve worked hard to meet our deadline and in the end, we had to push this update multiple times, but now it’s finally
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